The First Twenty Carlo...

After finishing up the 2000 Season at Tulsa, we went to Mid-America in South Coffeyville to work the pits for one of Dave's friends... We didn't have Pure Stocks at Tulsa then, and the Factory Stocks just seemed too rough -- that's a big part of why I started out in the Outlaw Stock. Well, that and an Outlaw Stock was what I bought, so it's what I raced.

I can't say I'd actually made any plans for what to do or where to race the next season, I knew I hadn't had enough yet, I wasn't finished or ready to quit -- I was just undecided as to how to go about it in the coming year.

I remember (quite vividly) standing at the fence that night as the Pure Stock A Feature came out onto the track... That night, I watched a Crown Vic and a Monte Carlo battle it out door-to-door lap after lap, and once it was over, the first thing I said to David was "I wanna do that."

I had a Crown Vic sittin' around from the wrecker service auction, but when it came down to the choice between the cost of Ford "go-fast-parts" and the easy availability of an already-stripped-out Monte Carlo, we decided to go with the Metric Car... So here it is:

The "In Progress Shots," exactly as laid-out on Legal-Size Paper:

The "Billboard Shot," The Afternoon Before Opening Night:

That first night in the Coil-Spring Car was the best night I'd had yet -- somethin' about that car and that track just really seemed to work just right for me. We had kinda planned to "travel around" and check out some different tracks instead of just staying in one place, but I liked Mid-America so much, I just had to go back.

While those shorts were not my favorite, I still Love this picture -- My Grandma's Favorite Shot of Dave & Me, From The Pits at Mid-America

Looking back, I guess that would've been about the time I realized I'd bought the slowest car out of the Outlaw Stock class; and then built a car that was a reasonable contender in the Pure Stock class... It was an amazing experience to be right up in there amongst 'em all instead of on the bottom at the back and hoping I didn't get run over and killed. Ah yes, part of the Pure Stock experience was being in the middle of 'em all, and instead of hoping I didn't get run over and killed, I came to the conclusion that getting run over is sometimes unavoidable and just part of the deal.

And I Used Up A Lot Of Parts...

Used up a lot of parts, had a Great Year, and The Only Girl At The Whole Track Finished Third In The Points.

2002: The Next Twenty Carlo:

For 2002, we hung a new body on the ol' Rough-n-Ready, and this time, I painted it myself -- with the Twenties patterened off this picture of my First Race Car.

2002's "Billboard Shot"

It was cloudy that day, and I had hoped to "be careful" and not tear the car up too bad so I could take a new picture as soon as it was sunshiny again -- but the billboard, which stood mere feet from US Highway 11, got wiped out by a drunk over the weekend. So much for that idea...

The 2002 Season certainly had it's ups and downs... I raced the Pure Stock at Tulsa in the Factory Stock class for just one night, but only to appease Dave in his efforts to convince me to leave Mid-America. The one night at Tulsa was less-than-stellar, so we kept going to Coffeyville.

The weekend that David died is still the only night of racing I've missed since 2000.

Back to the track with a few new Crew Members, I got my first win (and the associated new earring) in August of 2002. Once again, the only girl at the whole track finished in the top ten for the season.

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