3/8th's Mile, Less Than Five Miles From The House...

With Tulsa Speedway under new ownership and the near-hour's drive to the state line wearin' thin, I finally gave in and decided to come back & race close to home.

The Recycled Pure Stock looked good at Play-Day, but needed a little help to hang with the Factory Stocks at Tulsa. And yeah, we used up some more parts...

"Employee Benefits Package"

Somewhere between being the Grand High Priestess of Daddy's Girls and having one of the best Benefits Packages in the industry, Somehow, we always manage to get it back together in time for the next weekend of racing.

With the 2003 Season came my first Tulsa win (and corresponding new earring), and also my first major "Catastrophic Engine Failure," involving piston number eight:

(Taken with Near-Obsolete Sony Mavica FD Camera)

2004: The Black & Blue Car...

For 2004, we finished up the blue Cutlass Supreme, the only "Twenty" that was not a "Carlo." I toyed with the idea of "Rocket20Supreme" for a while, but it just never stuck quite like "TwentyCarlo."

Starbird Show Set-Up Day

The Black & Blue "Rocket20Supreme," being the only non-vynil hand-painted racer in the place, brought home a cool trophy from the Starbird Show that year. On the way back to Sperry the morning after opening night, it also gave me my first "Serious Incident" with the trailer, but for some reason it never managed an on-track win. 2004 was still a reasonably decent year, another top-ten finish, and then we were off to build the Orange car for the next Starbird Show.

Oh, and I also worked for the track too, doin' the layouts for the Speedway News and working at some of the Special races, sellin' pit passes for some of the big Sprint Shows. Kyle E-mailed me that picture -- just look for the Chevy Van on the end of the second row with the price tag shoe-polished on the windshield, that was my "Hoopty-Du-Jour" that night. ;)

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