Are You Sure You Meant To Click That???

I'll be honest, right here, right now: Some folks might not want to read the blog.

More honesty: I have not always been as careful as I could be when it comes to "considering who might stumble onto this."
The blog is an outlet for me, it's where I vent, where I rant, where I write for the fun of it
and just in case the people-watchers want to read a little something different.
The writing is a release for me, sometimes I throw in a little humor, sometimes I'm just angrily getting things off my chest.
Here, you'll find my thoughts, my opinions, my irritations; and I'm not afraid to admit that those might piss a few people off.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

And don't get all pissed, 'cause hey, I warned ya.

Feel free to click "back," or continue on to The Official TwentyCarlo Blog
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