Yeah, Tony's Got His In The Magazines, But I Had Mine First!

"So... What's the craziest thing you ever picked up on your way home from work??"

What the? What?? How'd you decide to haul that home???

Shortly after I met Clay, I was chattin' with some of the guys from the track and one of 'em winked at me and said, "Yeah, and he's got a Hurst..." Now, when I hear "Hurst," I think of the hot little black & silver Oldsmobiles from the eighties -- so I didn't understand the look I got from these guys when I said "Oh, that's cool..."

It turned out they weren't talkin' about a black & silver hotrod Oldsmobile. Not a Hurst, but a Hearse. A blue '64 Buick Hearse. Not exactly what I had pictured, but still pretty cool...

So, there I was, leavin' work to go see My Hunny, and for no real reason, I went down to 66th Street to cross over to the highway. I don't remember why, but I was drivin' My Momma's truck that night and when that big ol' black Cadillac caught my eye, I slid it off into the first patch of gravel I could find to turn around and go back for a closer look. The ol' black Cadillac reached out and grabbed me 'cause I've wanted a '57 Coupe De Ville for several years now; when I realized it was a Hearse, I thought Clayton might get a kick outta the pictures I took of it since he already has one; so actually, Clay started it, and I'll never forget his reaction when I plugged my camera into his TV...

Upon closer inspection, we found it to be nearly complete (need windshield) and irresistably cheap; so, together, we snatched it up and hauled it home to the ol' Race Car Barn -- thankfully the race car resides almost permanently at the Salvage Yard and doesn't need it's barn-space. With the help of a wrecker and some race car tires, we managed to shoe-horn it in there with only a teensy bit of scraping on the passenger side. (and yeah, the Race Car Barn is a mess)

It's definitely an in-progress project -- we got it to turn over, but haven't heard it run yet. Honestly, so far, we're just havin' fun starin' at it and takin' pictures with it... One of these days it'll be a mess of fun on Halloween or maybe even an "Official Support Vehicle" so Clay can work his marketing magic sellin' T-shirts & souvenirs out of the left-rear door.

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