Viva Melvin*!!!

* "Melvin? Who's Melvin? What's that supposed to mean??"

The phrase, "It's a Melvin," is a common answer (around this Salvage Yard anyway) to the question "Where'd this one come from?" Melvin is a one-of-a-kind dude from somewhere around Tulsa who calls every few days to sell off a car or two, usually delivered via tow-dolly (or tow-chain, or pantyhose & duct tape; sometimes even two at a time). Of all the answers to "Where'd this one come from?" including "Pool" and "Call-N-Haul" and "Wrecker Auction," the ones that say "It's A Melvin" on the inventory forms are almost always guaranteed to be the most fun. Past "Almost Famous Melvins" include Dave's Van (Affectionately known as "The Handyman's Short-Bus"), the red Ranger that I fixed myself, and the black Cougar where I got my Wrangler Watch. Yeah, my job is fun...

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