There's More To Me...

...Than just this whole Dirt Track thing.

I Am A Macintosh Nerd, and I edit this site (and my old page) with SimpleText (on the iBook) or with CreaText (on the G4).

I Am Hooked On Sudoku, in the newspaper and on the 'net...

I take my Kodak CX7530 with me almost everywhere I go.

And I have a few pictures published on The Mirror Project. (Click "Search" & type in "Oklahoma Girl")

I am also quite nearly addicted to "Where's George?".

I've always been a sucker for cheap rolling stock, especially if it's particularly unique or crazy like a Hearse.

I sell car parts, and The Family Business is a great way to find cheap rolling stock and also shoot some interesting pictures and videos. You can see my Airbag Videos and a few interesting Pictures on My DropShots Account.

Also, lately, we've been messin' around with the idea of a new "trailer rig" to haul the racer with, amazingly enough, a '93 Ford Ambulance.