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First Sponsor For The 2007 Season!!! Faces A Loss.

Our B, 8-4-37 ~ 4-17-13

My first animated gif from GifBuilder for Mac OS X!

From The Schwag Department:

The TwentyCarlo T-Shirt!

Not perfect, but still pretty darn cool...
"Click Me! Click Meeeee!!!"

Available through,

I did 'em up using an artsy little PhotoShop bit that I made while I was playin' around with the G4.
Just a little somethin' small & simple so as not to be "too over-the-top."


I found this picture from the cold-weather a few months back, so I put it on here just 'cause I think it's cute.
I'm also keepin' this one 'cause it's cute too. ;)

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The clickable e-mail link is gone 'cause it wasn't workin'...

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